Who we are

Accuracy Matters is a friendly team of editors, proofreaders and writers. We've been helping our clients to make words work better for them since 2012. 

Rachel Davis, Director

I have more than 18 years’ experience in publishing and government communications, as an editor, proofreader, trainer and manager. Today, I am proud to be leading a great team of people at Accuracy Matters, assembling teams to work on substantial jobs, always maintaining a focus on our client and their needs throughout the lifespan of a project.

Accuracy Matters all began in 2012 when I took redundancy from the Civil Service and couldn't bear to see our years of work building up a great team go to waste. And so the idea of Accuracy Matters was born: maybe a crack team of editorial professionals who had worked closely together (some for more than 10 years) could work as a private enterprise?

We had our redundancy money and a bit of seed cash – a lot more than most start-ups – so we gave ourselves a year to make it work. We grafted and turned a profit after four months. Almost eight years later and there have been some incredibly tough times – working all hours to meet deadlines; wondering if we could pay salaries on time; losing our wonderful team-mate John to a sudden heart attack – but having an established team around me at the heart of everything we do has been amazing and lots of fun. I get to work with words and work with some of my favourite people at the same time. Can't get luckier than that, right?

Elizabeth Christie, Business Support Manager

Formerly a teacher, Elizabeth has over five years’ experience in administration working for large corporations and small businesses. She has previously lived in Dubai and the United States but is now based near London. Elizabeth is friendly, enthusiastic and keen to deliver the best outcome for our clients. 

When she’s not working, Elizabeth can be found singing her way around her flat – just not very well! She's also a pretty fine cake-maker.

Rhiannon Gilbertson, Editor/Project Manager

Rhiannon has 20 years’ experience in publishing and government communications working as a writer, editor and skilled communicator. She is adept at getting the most out of the creatives she works with. Always enthusiastic, she is diligent, tenacious and client-focused at all times.

When she’s not at work, Rhiannon can be found running around after her children or up to her elbows in mud in the garden. Often at the same time! 

Denny Einav, Editor/Writer

Denny began her editing career at Oxford University Press and has since gone on to create print and digital content for a diverse range of clients. As a copywriter, she enjoys working with companies – big and small – to identify and communicate their unique brand stories. 

If she’s not writing, she’s almost certainly reading. 

Our associates

We have a network of associates – including editors, proofreaders, writers and indexers – with a range of specialisms, from finance, law, medicine, biology and the environment to government publishing, corporate reporting and campaign literature.