What sort of projects do you work on?
No project is too small to benefit from proofreading. We work on a vast range of printed and online materials – from posters to major public inquiry reports.

Do I need a copy-editing or proofreading service?
Copy-editing tends to happen earlier on in the process. You might want us to rewrite some of your text for clarity, or make suggestions on style and structure. Proofreading occurs at the final stages of the project: we check your words – and your formatting – to make sure everything is accurate and consistent before you publish.

How do you mark up my documents?
Whatever works best for you. We can proofread the good, old-fashioned way, marking amends by hand on printed out copies. Or we can mark up your electronic files using the tracking options available. In each case, we take care to mark up your documents as clearly as possible.

Can you proofread my website?
Yes. And we can even make changes through your CMS.

Can you come and work from my office?
We’re very happy to come and work with you in-house, whether it’s just for a day or over a period of a few months.

I have an urgent document. How quickly can you proofread it?
We appreciate that you might be working towards very tight deadlines. We work as a cohesive team, which means that we can meet those deadlines for you, even on substantial jobs.

My organisation doesn’t have a style sheet. Can you write one for us?
We can – and, if you need us to, we can also help out with your brand guidelines and tone of voice.

How would you cost for my project?
We can give you our hourly proofreading rate. Or we can work to a flat fee based on your word count and other specifications – whichever suits you best.

How do you feel about misplaced apostrophes?
Read our blog post to find out!


Any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.